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Sigla-casa lily sighisoara accommodation
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Casa Lily  Japanese Retreat

Harta-Casa Lily,Cazare ,Pensiune ,Sighisoara
Telefon-Casa Lily,Cazare,Pensiune,Sighisoara

 +40 743 417 173    +40 747 060 569

Casa Lily  Japanese Retreat  

A guesthouse for full rent: House Lily

A guesthouse for full rent:

Casa Lily Grill & Gazebo


Casa Lily Sighisoara, a guesthouse for full rent!

offers excellent accommodation conditions in four suites (red, green, orange, purple) and an apartment. It is located approximately 1.7 km from the city center on the edge of a forest in a quiet neighborhood. The Japanese garden, the waterfall, the lake create the perfect atmosphere to spend relaxing moments with your loved ones. At the back of the garden begins a particularly beautiful forest, where you can hike both on foot and by bike: there is a route designed for bikes. The road you have to travel to reach our property is the famous Via Transilvanica. If you want to fully rent our guesthouse, please contact us so we can provide you with details. As accommodation capacity, this is 12 people, but it can be up to 16 people by placing additional beds in the living area of ​​each suite. A facility offered for groups and not only is the space for preparing the barbecue. It is equipped with all the necessary facilities for a successful evening with friends and loved ones. The wood is provided by us. The gazebo in the vicinity of the barbecue allows you to serve the meal in the open air.



Phone: +40 743417173


Our address:


Sighisoara str. Dimitrie Cantemir,

nr. 28A, jud.Mures,România

Siglă-Casa Lily sighisoara accommodation