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Purple - element of fire: Mystery, nobility, elegant The purple is a very powerful and vibrant element that predisposes us to meditation, introspection

Sighisoara guesthouse: House Lily-Japanese Retreat

Unique among the guesthouses in Sighisoara, Casa Lily Japanese Retreat offers you a unique experience. Experience the traditional Japanese atmosphere in the purple suite of the Casa Lily guesthouse Sighisoara Unique accommodation in Romania! The purple suite is one of the four suites within the Casa Lily Sighisoara guesthouse and is composed of two overlapping living spaces connected by an internal staircase. The lower level offers our guests the optimal space for the day: television with over 140 satellite programs, private refrigerator, coffee table and armchairs, large balcony. On the upper level, the King-size double bed and the bathroom offer our guests the comfort for a peaceful night. The access to the suite is through a hall where traditional Japanese decor elements are exposed. At the end of this hall is a fully equipped kitchen where you can pepper whatever you want. If you don't want to prepare anything, you can order from several restaurants in the city based on the existing menus in the kitchen. Within the property, you can prepare barbecue in the specially arranged space. Casa Lily Sighisoara, unique among guesthouses in Sighisoara, offers excellent accommodation conditions in four suites (red, green, orange, purple) and an apartment. It is located approximately 1.7 km from the city center on the edge of a forest in a quiet neighborhood. The Japanese garden, the waterfall, the lake create the perfect atmosphere to spend relaxing moments with your loved ones. At the back of the garden begins a particularly beautiful forest, where you can hike both on foot and by bike: there is a landscaped trail for bicycles. The road you have to travel to reach our property is the famous Via Transilvanica. From our property Casa Lily Sighisoara Special accommodation in Romania! there are still 2.5 km on the Via Transilvanica road to reach the beautiful Monastery of St. Dimitrie.

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Casa Lily Sighișoara  

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Sigla-casa lily sighisoara accommodation

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