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Enjoy the beauty of the flowers and the green of the forest in the Japanese garden. Japanese cherry, apple trees, plants native to Japan, bamboo complete its relaxing atmosphere.

A bouquet of colors just for you in the Japanese garden!

Japanese garden-Harmony, relaxation, zen

Japanese garden-Japanese plants

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Located in a side neighborhood of Sighisoara, the Casa Lily Japanese Retreat guesthouse offers excellent accommodation conditions. Quiet, relaxing atmosphere are the characteristics of the location.The Japanese garden is one of the attractions of the guesthouse. The Tori gate, the bridge, the waterfall complete the Japanese atmosphere of this garden. The relaxing, zen state is given by the sound of water that then falls into a waterfall. Located at the back of the guesthouse, it extends to an extremely beautiful forest. The relief on the slope completes the beauty of the Japanese garden.

Casa Lily Japanese Retreat-Japanese garden2

The pond with water lilies in the Japanese garden is a place where you can admire the wonderful water lilies. Pink, purple or just white, they delight the eyes of the beholders with their beauty.

The place where you enter again in the middle of nature. The Japanese garden offers you the possibility to hear the chirping of birds, to see nature again as it is.

A magical place where you can relax: the Japanese garden

Casa Lily Japanese Retreat-Japanese garden1

The Japanese garden: A special place at Casa Lily Sighisoara


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