The common kitchen at the end of the main hall offers our guests the possibility of preparing any kind of food. Plain and mineral water, coffee, tea are at guests' disposal free of charge. For those who do not want to prepare food, menus are available from the main restaurants in Sighisoara.The food is brought to our location in about 40 minutes from the moment the order is placed. Those who want to enjoy a barbecue can use the specially arranged space, where they find free firewood.

Shared kitchen & dining place


Recenzii-Casa Lily

Casa Lily Sighișoara  

 +40 743 417 173

Recenzii-Casa Lily
Telefon-Casa Lily,Cazare,Pensiune,Sighisoara
Harta-Casa Lily,Cazare ,Pensiune ,Sighisoara

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Casa Lily Sighișoara

Cazare Sighisoara,Pensiuni Sighisoara

Cazare Sighisoara,Pensiune Sighisoara

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Sigla-Casa Lily

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Siglă-Casa Lily

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Phone: +40 743417173