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The idea of ​​a Japanese-style boarding house started from my passion for video games. A one-game mission took place in a Japanese house. This mission ignited in my heart the desire to build a house that would look like a traditional Japanese house. When I decided to build this guesthouse, I and my wife didn't give up the idea, although many of us sometimes considered ourselves crazy. We began to document what the Japanese style arrangement entails. We studied a lot on the Internet and actually started to build everything with our hands, from furniture to paintings, from doors to lamps, etc. Basically everything that is made of natural wood was handmade by us. After a few good years of work, the Lily House was born and the tourists started to visit us. The biggest thanks is that the guests who broke our threshold were impressed and pleasantly surprised by what we achieved. The project started has not yet been completed and continues with new surprises, projects that will delight the guests who will cross our threshold. It was not easy, we have overcome many difficulties, but now we can say that we are satisfied with what we have accomplished with much effort and many sacrifices. We look forward to welcoming you to the Lily House

Lucian and Liliana.

Recenzii-Casa Lily

Casa Lily Sighișoara  

 +40 743 417 173

Recenzii-Casa Lily
Telefon-Casa Lily,Cazare,Pensiune,Sighisoara
Harta-Casa Lily,Cazare ,Pensiune ,Sighisoara

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Casa Lily Sighișoara

Cazare Sighisoara,Pensiuni Sighisoara

Cazare Sighisoara,Pensiune Sighisoara

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