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The green suite is composed of two living spaces superimposed and connected by an interior staircase. The lower level offers for our guests the optimal space for the day time: television with over 140 satellite programs, private fridge, table and chairs, large balcony. Upstairs the King-size double bed and bathroom provide our guests the comfort of a peaceful night.

Green - wood element: vibration, health, development In feng shui, green is the color of renewal, regeneration and invigorating energy. Green is the color of healing, balancing the whole body with the vibration of nature. In order to maximize the positive effects of the green color energy you must use as many shades of green as possible.




Green Suite with balcony


Recenzii-Casa Lily

Casa Lily Sighișoara  

 +40 743 417 173

Recenzii-Casa Lily
Telefon-Casa Lily,Cazare,Pensiune,Sighisoara
Harta-Casa Lily,Cazare ,Pensiune ,Sighisoara

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Casa Lily Sighișoara

Cazare Sighisoara,Pensiuni Sighisoara

Cazare Sighisoara,Pensiune Sighisoara

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